Backup Services

Data backup ServicesOur offsite backup service is an automated software based solution providing encrypted data protection and easy remote storage of files and data over standard TCP/IP networks and/or the internet. Our software operates on all major PC and server operating platforms, it is easy to use, yet provides advanced data protection options for IT professionals.

Backup services are managed centrally by storage servers which monitor backup schedules, provide email-based reporting on backup tasks, check the integrity of stored data. Web based administration also provides for easier access to backup settings or data for remote clients, server farms, or distributed networks.

Key Technical Features

  • Differential or Incremental Backups at Byte-Level.
  • Multiple Backup Sets & Schedules.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Backup.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Backup.
  • Mysql Server Backup.
  • Oracle Database Server Backup.
  • Microsoft System State Backup.
  • Managed Remote Backup
Offsite backup Services
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