Hardware & Software Solutions

Researching and obtaining product from several different sources can have its drawbacks often resulting in compatibility problems, increased labour costs and supplier conflict; all time consuming issues. With AMC as your single source of supply you work with a specialist company that has many man-years of experience integrating systems.
A single point of contact also means speedier resolution of any problems that may arise. Technical issues regarding integration and product interoperability are diminished and you benefit from AMC's economies of scale.

Computer AMC Service

  • AMC for Computers, Laptop, Printers, Scanner, Network Devices
  • Comprehensive & Non-Comprehensive AMC
  • Protecting the system from virus and removing of virus
  • Performance tuning of new and old systems.
  • Computer trouble shooting/repair/upgrading.
  • Remote control diagnostics.
  • Internet connectivity and training.
  • Customized Desktops for home and business users.
  • Computer selection/fabrication.
  • Thorough computer servicing to dramatically increase speed!
  • Hardware and software sales for all your computer requirements.

A change in the product mix due to component obsolescence can have unforeseen effects. This can be expensive in mission critical or revenue generating markets. Frequently, commodity suppliers do not offer long term product availability. Many of our products are supported by OEM supply agreements that assure long-term availability. We also work with our customers to manage change and will undertake type approval against our customer requirements. Any changes are signed-off by our customer before being implemented in production.

Software Supply Data Processing and Recovery