Security Solutions

The business world has come to depend heavily on technology and the Internet. Small to medium size businesses often lack the resources to properly prepare for the security and business continuity issues that arise from this dependence. At the same time, these technologies can help protect your business from unwanted intrusions. We provide effective and ongoing information risk management and security services in the following areas:

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Data Security

All of these services can help to ensure minimum downtime, the continuity of your business and protection/monitoring of your premises in the event of disasters, malicious attacks or theft.

Data Security

  • Network and Internet security audits
  • Monitoring of internal traffic and external threats
  • Offsite backups and application hosting
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Complete network antivirus solutions
  • Antivirus softwares (Server and Client
  • Virus Removal
  • Hardware and software firewalls
  • Security for your wireless and wired network on your (WAN/LAN).
Network Integration Software Development